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Prophetic dreams? SOMETHING is coming

Posted on by Evangelist Michael Parker


BY Missionary AKIRK OCTOBER 28, 2015 ,

For the past several months (even years) I have been having dreams about things that are said to be apocolyptic.

I believe we are in a time where G-d is trying to reach his people trying to warn them of things to come. True, that’s why we have the book of revelations but G-d is not done reaching out to his people. As long as I can remember I have had dreams about “The mark of the beast”. What is it? When is it coming? And what will go on exactly? Those answers will be answered soon enough but the biggest emphasis on my dreams as of lately consists of something coming to America.

The last time G-d gave me a dream about complete chaos in America fire in towns set in buildings around town and military stepping in to help. Well a few weeks to a month or two after that dream is when the chaos in Ferguson Missouri happened. I had a dream of an explosion and here into the next half of the year China has had several massive explosions. I’m not saying every single dream of mine is “prophetic” but I do know the difference when G-d is speaking to me versus “just dreams”. What I know is I have had a gory detailed dream of a beheading being done here in America done by ISIS and Muslims alike.

Will it actually take place? That’s yet to be seen but I never have a dream of that detail without a reason for G-d trying to show me something. Sure The stuff with ISIS going on around countries and the fact that ISIS thoroughly plans on starting a massive beheading jihad here in America could of influenced my dream but what I do know is this….SOMETHING of a magnitude America has not yet ever had to deal with is coming. While people are going on about their “normal” everyday lives, there is trouble brewing and it would be wise for one to WAKE UP!!!! I’m not here to just tell the beautiful side of truth of the Gospel no, I’m here to also warn when warning is due and to also let end time awareness be known!

People think ohhhh they’ve been saying that the end is here for YEARS! Well you know what? That may be true but you can’t argue with the fact that for the past 3 years at least, things are starting to fall VERY apart, stock markets are crashing on a global scale, controversial rights are being passed on a WIDE un-biblical scale and war and jihad?…………I’m sure you’re aware of the massive change in that too. Whether we are scared or ready or not we had better get ready!!!

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